About Omorphya

Our History:

 As Kendrick Lamar once said, "if am going to tell a story, I will start with my name." My name is Bismark Aguocha and as the founder of  Omorphya Cosmetics, I noticed that there was a huge gap in the cosmetics industry for many skin complexions. I have four sisters and the older ones always have difficulty finding they right cosmetic product at the right price for their skin tones. Omorphya Cosmetics was made to tackle these issues and our dream is to minimize these issues by introducing quality products with every one in mind at an affordable price. Omorphya Cosmetics has partnered with some of the best cosmetics manufacturers to make this dream a reality. Our goal is making a difference, Our mission is to inspire confidence and challenge young adults to be passionate, confident, and face the world with a smile.

Why Omorphya:

The word Omorphya came from the Greek word "ομορφιά" or "omorfiá" which translates to "Beauty". Beauty can be both internal or external and here at Omorphya, both internal and external beauty means the world to us. We strive to inspire and impact the world with confidence, passion and style 


   Omorphya has always been associated with the butterfly. In Ancient Greek the word butterfly means "psyche" translating to the human soul. our logo which is a "butterfly wing" symbolizes growth, beauty and freedom. Our growth truly starts when we acquire the courage to “try” regardless of our fears. We are all beautiful in our own way but, sometimes it takes inspiration from an outside force and a bit of courage from us to gain the confidence to look or see the beauty within. We can not control what happens in the outside world but with courage and confidence, we can gain the freedom to change how the outside world affects the world within us.

What we sell:

       The products listed on our sites are either our products (with omorphya branding) or products from small local cosmetics brands. We will work with other small brands and list their products on our site. We will work closely with these creators to tell their stories and shine a light on their products. Each and every product from these creators has a story to them and we strive to make sure those stories are told. If you own a cosmetic brand or run a cosmetics brand and want to collaborate with us please reach out to us @ omorphyacosmetics@gmail.com.  We are also committed to ensuring 100% buying protection for our customers and we provide the benefit of a fast, secure and safe online shopping experience with convenient payment options and outstanding customer relations. It's time to radiate the world with your Beauty and Confidence!! 🦋